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 Initiating and supporting innovative projects 


Each and every one of you is valuable and important.  Your actions are important.  you are not alone.  You are not forgotten.  We are in solidarity with you and will be there.  I am with you.


During the war, the NGO "DIVCHATA" changed the focus of its activities on providing humanitarian assistance to women and children, especially in Kyiv and Kyivska oblast.

With the support of the NGO Resource Center, the organization was able to purchase tablets that went to children from Bucha in Kyivska oblast. This will give children access to online education, hobbies and communication with friends and relatives.


Before the war this Ternopil NGO was working on on prevention and combating human trafficking.

Since February 2022, they have been actively involved in the work of the humanitarian headquarters of Ternopil by engaged in assistance to IDPs, providing targeted direct assistance, coordination between the humanitarian headquarters of non-governmental organizations in the city.

In cooperation with NGORC they purchased mattresses, pillows and bedding to accommodate shelter for IDPs from the East of Ukraine. In addition, baby food was distributed and provided to those in need through the humanitarian hub.  

In May, the NGO has also received additional funding from NGORC for child-friendly space that would offer care for children, mothers and other family members. In August the room opened its doors to visitors.


The Transcarpathian women's organization Vesta has been providing assistance to socially vulnerable groups in Transcarpathia for more than 20 years. From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, they provide assistance to children affected by the war.

In cooperation with NGORC the NGO provided assistance to IDPs including hygiene kits, baby food, diapers, mattresses, blankets, sheets and pillows. 


They were also able to purchase a refrigerator and a stove for the IDP accomodation "Mother and Baby". 

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