ICVA Project 


ICVA and NGORC aim to promote principled and effective humanitarian action in the Ukraine Crisis response by strengthening in country NGO coordination and support. 


Promoting an integrated approach to NGO Coordination support for the humanitarian response in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, linking global, regional and national level actors.


Through this partnership NGORC acts as an intermediary and facilitator of engagement between ICVA

(as representative of NGOs in the IASC system) and local and national CSO/NGO community in Ukraine on issues and advocacy related to response strategic planning, operational scope and challenges of NGOs, strengthening national actor participation in coordination structures and related topics during the initial period of the response.

Engage with networks of local and national NGO actors that are leading the humanitarian response in different areas to increase understanding of their role, including linking these where possible to the broader humanitarian response architecture.

Support ICVA to respond to requests from members and partners in the international system related to local civil society and NGO engagement in the response.

Develop guidance for the IASC system on establishing and maintaining equitable and risk-sensitive partnerships with Ukrainian NGOs.

Inform strategies on how best to resource local actors in this response and support local CSO/NGO actors to engage with donors, foundations and other external supporters.

Help ensure the voices of local and national NGOs inform global advocacy regarding the humanitarian response in Ukraine, and that the role of local and national NGO actors in the response is continually highlighted.


ICVA is a global network of non-governmental organisations whose mission is

to make humanitarian action more principled and effective by working collectively and independently to influence policy and practice.