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 Pre-school preparation of Roma children 


The evaluation looked at the outcome and impact of seven pre-school projects for Roma children in Uzhhorod implemented by the Blaho Charitable Fund between 2014 and 2020.

The projects implemented focused on improving school preparedness of Roma children, increasing the number of children accepted into non-segregated schools, and reducing drop-out rates.

The evaluation employed a “mixed methods” methodology that included:

Desk review of program and other relevant documents

Semi-structured key informant interviews with relevant officials and parents

Secondary and primary data analysis, including thematic content analysis

Key results: The evaluation found that the projects were unequivocally well-received by parents and other key stakeholders. Key stakeholders almost unanimously focus on the importance of the awareness and engagement of parents for the success of the children in school, and the social benefits are highlighted to a much higher degree than, for example, enhanced technical skills. 


  • overall recommendations;

  • recommendations on project development;

  • recommendations for potential future projects;

  • recommendations on reporting and disseminating results.

NGORC staff have conducted numerous evaluations.
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